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Fighting frivweb 0


GreenMen A little zombie game but, if you don't like it don't say in the comments because there is a different one coming soon called SSS, stands for Space Station Smash. Yea what i meant when i said eas r eg s is Easter eggs and here is a list of them here, do not look if you want to try and find them yourself.1: when you die and go to the spawn, shoot the little guy down there and there will be a new button. click it and then there will be a bigger version of him, just keep shooting him.2:Once you die and kill the bigger version of him, hold down z and 3 and that will let you double jump. Go to the shop and there will be a door, open it and it will let you in. Go off the edge and get to the other platform and there you go, touch the box with the big Z on it then shoot the guy behind it and there is Billy but don't knock over the potion or... well i wont say (:Well that is it, have fun. Arrow Keys to move, Up to jump, left to go left and right to go right.