Doomsday Guide for Dummies

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Last Shelter Survival – Doomsday Guide for Dummies

Doomsday Conquest is a seasonal event that lasts usually around 45 days. The rewards for the event are guarenteed orange hero recruitment tickets and a lot of resources. You may have chance to get Orange, S1 and maybe even S2 heroes if your alliance scores high enough in the rankings and there are also rewards if you rank well in your alliance ranking.

When the event starts your alliance must build the alliance centers and this requires players to donate stone. To get stones, players needs to donate to Alliance Tech as much as possible because stones can be obtained using the rewards points for Alliance Tech daily donations. All alliance players need to donate stone on daily basis, this is very important. They will receive Doomsday season points, and that stone will be use to place Alliance Centers, Rally points, and after every Doomsday Duel if needed to rebuild the Alliance Centers if they were destroyed.

You can start capturing territories that are connected to your alliance center, collecting higher level territories as you go. You can only capture territories that have already been occupied by yourself or someone in your alliance. 

Doomsday4 objectives:

  • Gain honor by capturing territories and levelling up your honor structures. 
  • Gain influence by capturing territories of higher and higher level to increase your ranking.
  • Increase your Season points by donating stone or completing doomsday quests, or participating in Doomsday Duels, or taking territories.
  • Unlock Specialistions in one of the three Speciality trees (Resource, Construction, Combat).

Honor structures:

  • Virus Research Facility – Gives poison immunity that lets you capture higher level plots without suffering losses and heals your poisoned troops.
  • Processing Plant – Processes infected materials into resources, virus samples and Composite Materials used to level up your honor structures.
  • Special Operation Command – Gives Bonus might and additional bonus might when capturing territories.
  • Guardian Fortress – Gives Bonus resistance and additional bonus resistance when capturing territories.

Types of territories that you can occupy:

  • Empty Plots – produces low amounts of Diseased Crops.
  • Waste Farm – produces Diseased Crops.
  • Forest – produces Mutated Lumber.
  • Mineral Deposit – produces Iron Ore.
  • Oil Deposit – produces Fossil Fuel.
  • Polluted Water – produces Dirty Water.

You can only capture a certain number of territores so abandon lower level ones once you have the virus immunity to capture higher level ones. Your territory cap can be increased by spending tickets that you can get as rewards for certain doomsday quests. You have to be careful about trying to attack plots without the required level of immunity. Your troops will poison and take time and a lot of resource to heal them. Poisoned troops do not die when attacking territories, they are sent to the Virus Research Facility. 

Remember, to gain inmunity you need to level up your Virus Research Honor Building. Process materials in your Processing Plant to get virus samples to level up your Virus Research Facility  and composite materials to level up your Processing plant (speed up production), Special Operation Command (Increase your troops Might) and Guardian Fortress (Increase your troops Resistance).

Focus in:

  1. Upgrade your Virus Research Facility to increase your poison immunity so you can capture higher level territories without poisoning huge numbers of troops.
  2. Upgrade your Processing Plant t0 speed up production of Virus Samples and Composite materials.
  3.  Getting honor to unlock specialties. 
  4. You can kill one Abjudicator per day for Doomsday related rewards as well as the normal daily Wendel



Doomsday: Alliance Duels

An R4 or R5 will place rally points in the enemy state that give players one free teleport to go there and to get back from the enemy state.  A rally point sets a location from which you can start capturing terriitories in direction of enemy’s Alliance Center to be attacked.

When war is declared you start the preparation phase. No points can be scored but you can setup your attack strategy and place rally points. Attacking enemy territories and honor structures will cost double durability during prep phase. Empty tiles can be taken at regular cost.

After the Prep phase the War phase begins and you will score points for capturing enemy territories, destorying their honor structures and alliance centres. There is a score modifier based on how many Alliance centers your alliance have built, the more AC’s the more points are scored.

At the end of the duel the alliance with the most points gains a percentage of the other alliances points. This becomes the primary way of increasing your ranking in the event.

There is a secondary win condition when one side has no Alliance centres then a 30 minute countdown timer begins and when this finishes, if no alliance centres have been rebuilt, then instant defeat is declared regardless of points.