LSS: Season X – EdenRising

Last Shelter Survival frivweb 03 May , 2020 0

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Last Shelter Survival – LSS: Season X – EdenRising

This map can be used in to coordinate attacks, guild movements or even for diplomatic references.

Each of the occupied Check Points, Cities, Capitals and World Center are color coded for each Guild. This feature is important for
Guild Commanders to strategize their objectives knowing enemy and ally dispositions.

Season X – EdenRising Guide

  1. Select Events /Select Doomsday Event / Choose Tab Season
  2. Click on Enter and Follow the Assistant
  3. Occupy plots from level 1-4
  4. Find one of these gates and build a path there
  5. You will need an area of 2×2 plots to build a Relocation Point to teleport there. It costs 1 000 stones and 10 000 composite materials
  6. Occupy 2×2 plots in front of the gate / Click one of the occupied plots / Clic Build to place the Relocation Point on the area / It takes 2 hours to build
  7. When finished click on relocation point and choose teleport
  8. Hold your position for 1 day because the gate can not be occupied before that
  9. After breaking the Gate you can proceed towards higher level tiles
  10. Buildings are scattered across the map for you to occupy them and receive points and buffs. More buildings you occupy, more points you



  • Creating a Guild requires 10k Personal Influence and 20 territory owned
  • Guilds can host up to 200 members from different Alliances or State as long as they are in the same New Eden map. Initial member allocated is 100 and can be increase by increment of 10 for every Capital Occupied by the Guild.
  • A new chat room is available for the Guild members to utilize as main means of communication

Other info

  • No requirement for Guardian channeling destroyer missile.
  • Territory Count Cap only 1 set (as you are only playing in one map)
    Honor Buildings still functions however do not require building and placing them on the map.
  • Levelling up of Honor Buildings is still the same procedure, harvest resources from territories and process to composite materials and virus samples to upgrade.
  • No change on Specialty.
  • Special Terrains cannot be occupied and serve as boundaries in the map. Players need to find Check Point in order to move into the next section of the map.
  • Enter and Exit to and from New Eden has 10minutes cool-downperiod.
  • No set time for duels. 24/7 battle !!