Cooking Fast 2 Donuts

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Cooking Fast 2 Donuts


Cooking Fast 2 Donuts online game.

Cook fast enough to pass levels and unlock the Frappe, Broccoli Soup and other recipes that you can cook for the customers. Earn coins and upgrade your cooking tools in your restaurant so you can prepare the recipes faster. Play online Fast cooking gameplay at Friv Games for Free with many levels.

Tap on the food to prepare it or serve it.

If you love playing cooking games online, you will like the game called Cooking Fast 2 Donuts, where you get to work at a donut shop and try to sell as many donuts as possible to the many clients that are coming your way all the time, and we can guarantee you that you will be enjoying this activity a lot.

Do not let clients wait too much on you, because that means losing the game and having to start all over again. Good luck, and make sure to invite friends over, because the more people play our great games, the more fun everyone has!