Mr. Bullet 2 online game

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Mr. Bullet 2 online game


Mr Bullet 2 online game is a kind of recently developed exciting physical shooting game. The players need to aim well and take shot to destroy all enemies. Target at other objects so that the bullet strayed and hit the enemy. Do not you want to join us to have a try? Hope you can gain pleasure and good luck!

Use the mouse to play.

Mr. Bullet is the ultimate spy, and he always get the job done when it comes to target elimination. Mr. Bullet Spy Puzzles is a new puzzle shooter. Mr. Bullet is all about precision accuracy and knowing the layout of the land and is known for his work with a limited amount of ammo, so you have to help him take down all of the enemy targets with as little ammo as possible.

If Mr. Bullet’s projectiles hit a rock solid surface, it will bounce back at the appropriate angle. You can take advantage of this by using carefully angled shots to take out multiple bad guys in one shot!

You will be required to do this on certain levels as you will need to take them all out in a single shot. Practice this whenever you have the opportunity to!